Organizations which seek Alpha support should direct written and electronic (via thumb drive or CD) grant proposals to:

Alpha Foundation, Inc.
c/o John R. Wynn
P.O. Box 2087
Huntsville, Alabama 35804
Telephone: (256) 713-2277

Applications should be made in writing and should include the following information:

  • The completed Grant Cover Sheet (please do not alter the Grant Cover Sheet).

  • At the beginning of the grant request, a brief statement of the purpose of the grant and the amount requested.

  • A description of the organization, its purposes, programs, staffing, and governing board.

  • The organization's latest financial statements, including the most recent year-end report.

  • If the request is to fund a project of the organization, furnish the following information:

    • A description of the proposed project.

    • Why the project is needed and the impact expected.

    • How the project relates to the organization's long term plans and priorities.

    • Brief overview of project plans and time-tables.

    • Summary of funding commitments received to date for the project.

    • How the project will affect the organization's future operating budget (expenses and revenues).

    • Amount of funds requested from Alpha.

    • Itemized project budget, including other sources of support in hand or anticipated.

  • If the request is for operating funds, a description of the use of the funds and proposed budget which shows the application of such funds.

  • Evidence from the Internal Revenue Service of the organization's non-profit status.

The grant application should be submitted over the signature of the organization's Chief Executive Officer, Chairperson of the Board, or other authorized representative of the organization. The grant application should be submitted in written and electronic form (via thumb drive or CD). Meetings and site visits may be scheduled with the applicant if deemed necessary to make an informed judgment on the request. The deadline for submitting a grant application for the 2019 year is August 1, 2019. If the grant application is being mailed, the package must be postmarked by or before the deadline.